ECE570: Course Project Submission Instructions

Submission instructions for course project materials

Volunteer to present early

If you would like to volunteer to do your presentation early during the first two days of presentations, please fill out the following Google form by Wednesday, November 13th by 12noon: This would avoid the uncertainty of when you would be presenting. There are 14 slots so it will be a first-come, first-serve basis. After the deadline, I will randomize the order of the first 14 students and let you know when you will present. If no one volunteers, then we will begin random selection for presentations on the first presentation day.

Course project paper submission

You will submit your course project term paper as a PDF to TWO different assignments on Blackboard. The Blackboard assignment “(Part 1) Term Paper: Peer Assessment” will handle peer reviews (5 reviews per student) while the Blackboard assignment “(Part 2) Term Paper: Instructor Assessment” will handle grading by the instructors. I wish there was a simpler way in Blackboard but it seems that two assignments was the best way to handle this situation. You MUST submit your PDF to BOTH assignments.

Note the format of the paper should follow the instructions in the syllabus.

Also, note that the submission should be anonymous so your name should not appear on the paper. You should also include an abstract of your paper as in the template files.

(For handling LaTeX, I may suggest using the online LaTeX editor and compiler Overleaf at

Code submission

You will submit your code using GitHub as per previous assignments using the following GitHub classroom link: You MUST include a file in the root directory of your repository that (1) details exactly which parts of the code was written by you and (2) acknowledges all sources of code besides yourself. Ideally, the code you wrote should be in separate files and you can directly state which code files are your own. If you edit a code file, please explain which parts of the file you have changed. See for help on writing Markdown in your file.

For each source code acknowledgement, briefly explain in a sentence or two how you used the code. These acknowledgements should include:

  1. Any code you have copied from another source.
  2. Any repositories you used to based your code off of.
  3. Any repositories you are comparing to.
  4. Any existing repositories for the exact algorithms/models you have implemented.

5-minute video submission

For the presentation, please upload your video to YouTube or similar and submit a link (which should be publicly accessible, i.e. no password or login required) to the following Google Form:

Note that your 5-minute video and your live presentation do not have to be the same.